accessiBe Announces $12 Million Series A Funding

accessiBe Secures $12m Funding

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  • 玲珑加速器模式 Affordable. $49/month, free 7-day trial, no credit card required
  • 玲珑加速器模式 Effortless. Add a single line of code for 24/7 automated compliance
  • 玲珑加速器模式 Compliant. Accessibility statement and certificate of performance
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Trusted to protect over 45,052 small
businesses and industry leaders alike


  • 玲珑加速器换节点

  • 玲珑加速器模式

    Attract new potential customers
  • 玲珑加速器换节点

    Show customers that you care

accessiBe is an exceptional solution that helps our clients drive more revenue and achieve compliance with minimum costs and efforts.

Tara, Director of Client Services at SellSide Media

When a website is with accessiBe I can easily read whatever I want or access and buy whatever I need with no problem whatsoever.

Sisi, Blind User


吃鸡加速器太多了?所有绝地求生加速器不负责任深度评测 - 知乎:2021-1-5 · 绝地最近才更新了新版本,并且终于正式发布了,增加了新的枪械 人物动作伍及新的沙漠地图。 作为迄今为止当下最火的一款游戏,说他超越了LOL都不为过,也是第一款普及到了全国的需要加速的STEAM游戏。 此类游戏服…

  • Screen-Reader
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • UI & Design


Using the contextual understanding and image recognition, acessiBe’s AI scans and analyzes websites to learn what elements and functionality they include, and adjusts them to blind users’ screen-readers

  • 玲珑加速器模式 Alt Tags
  • 玲珑加速器模式 State Controls
  • 玲珑加速器模式 ARIA Attributes
  • 玲珑加速器模式 Icons & Buttons
  • 玲珑加速器模式 Roles & Landmarks
  • 玲珑加速器模式 Forms & Validations
玲珑加速器模式 Many of our clients were being hit with frivolous lawsuits. accessiBe solved many of these.
Joe P G2 Crowd
Learn about our AI engines
  • Screen-Reader
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • UI & Design


accessiBe’s Contextual Understanding AI technology helps it learn and understand the structures and behaviors of the website’s elements on-the-fly, adding keyboard-only functionality to each of them

  • 玲珑加速器模式 Dropdowns
  • 玲珑加速器模式 Menus
  • 玲珑加速器模式 Popups
  • 玲珑加速器模式 Forms
  • 玲珑加速器模式 Skip Links
  • 玲珑加速器模式 Buttons
玲珑加速器模式 An incredible software that is easy to integrate and takes the strife out of making a website AA compliant.
玲珑加速器模式 G2 Crowd
Learn about our AI engines
  • Screen-Reader
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • UI & Design


accessiBe's interface provides an accessibility experience that is tailored to the individual need of every user, supporting a range of UI and design adjustments from content to display

  • 玲珑加速器模式 Content & Display
  • 玲珑加速器模式 Color & Contrast
  • 玲珑加速器模式 Live Dictionary
  • 玲珑加速器模式 Stop Animations
  • 玲珑加速器模式 Mute Sounds
  • 玲珑加速器模式 Focus & Emphasis
玲珑加速器模式 It saves me hours of effort and allows me to provide my clients a cost effective way to expand their website to be inclusive for all users.
Christina A G2 Crowd
Learn about our accessibility interface

How do we protect you from litigation?

  • WCAG 2.1 & ADA Compliance

    WCAG 2.1 & ADA Compliance

    Ongoing WCAG & ADA compliance even when website updates

  • Certification & Statement

    Certification & Statement

    Accessibility statement and certification of performance

  • 玲珑加速器换节点

    Daily Compliance Monitoring

    Re-scanning and fixing accessibility issues every 24 hours

  • 玲珑加速器换节点

    Monthly Compliance Auditing

    Emailing you a professional compliance audit every month


The effortless process of
becoming compliant with us

  • 玲珑加速器模式 WCAG 2.1
  • 玲珑加速器模式 ADA Title III
  • 玲珑加速器模式 Section 508
  • 玲珑加速器模式 EAA/EN 301549
  • 01.

    Install a single line of JavaScript code

  • 02.

    The accessibility interface instantly appears on your website

  • 03.

    accessiBe AI starts scanning and analyzing your website

  • 04.

    After up to 48 hours, your website is fully compliant and certified

  • 05.

    Every 24 hours, the AI scans for new and revised content to fix

Wondering how others compare? They don't.

玲珑加速器模式 玲珑加速器换节点
AI Solution
Options 玲珑加速器模式The only automatic solution 玲珑加速器模式AudioEye, User1st & more 玲珑加速器模式UserWay, WP Access & more
玲珑加速器换节点 玲珑加速器模式WCAG 2.1, ADA, s508 & more 玲珑加速器模式Depends on project scope 玲珑加速器模式Do not comply with legislation
Pricing 玲珑加速器模式Price start at $490/year 玲珑加速器模式$5,000 - $50,000/year 玲珑加速器模式Free to low cost subscriptions
Turnaround 玲珑加速器模式Up to 48 hours from installation 玲珑加速器模式Projects take 3-26 weeks 玲珑加速器模式No full turnaround
Success Rate 玲珑加速器模式Industry highest success rate 玲珑加速器模式Drops to 50% within 6 months 玲珑加速器模式5% - 15% of the requirements
Maintenance 玲珑加速器模式Re-scanning every 24 hours 玲珑加速器模式Require additional services 玲珑加速器模式No maintenance included
用玲珑流放者柯南加速器 轻松解决加速难题 - Sohu:2021-3-8 · 玲珑加速器有专用的网游加速线路,能够专业加速Steam 平台游戏,建立用户和服务器之间的专属连接,有效解决因长距离传输造成的延迟高、不稳定等网络问题。 流放者柯南是一款开放世界的生存冒险类游戏,游戏拥有单人模式和多人模式,想要 ...


  • Neil Russo, Owner of Pozza Testimonial Slide
  • Amy, Parkinson's User Testimonial Slide
  • Itay, Project Manager at MarketAcross Testimonial Slide
  • Sisi, Blind User Testimonial Slide
  • Joseph, Motor Impaired User Testimonial Slide
  • Tara, Director of Client Services at SellSide Media Testimonial Slide


We implement the highest industry standards and practices in regards to both the security of the websites we operate on and the privacy of their users. Trusted by industry leaders, you know you are in good hands.


"We have audited accessiBe's cybersecurity practices and they passed with flying colors. Great job!" Sam Caulton | CTO @ Cybertechnica



A+网游加速器,绝地求生加速器 - 电脑软件 - 每日一学网:之前发过A+加速器,这次有新更新,免费的加速器,需要注册账号,注册账号每天上午十点开放!所伍要用的注意在十点钟抢账号!软件运行需安装.net4.5运行库 5月11日更新内容: 1 增加加速自动修复功能,解决大部分因网卡导致的加速失败 2 增加模式2测试

  • Customize the interface colors
  • Modify sizes and shapes
  • Choose an icon out of 20+ options
  • Position the icon wherever you prefer


We live our lives online. It’s where we read the news, order groceries, and chat with friends. But 20% of the population has disabilities that exclude them from using it. We are here to fix this by 2025.


“A real, effective, and stable solution, not only for businesses but first and foremost for people with disabilities.” Shir Ekerling | CEO & Founder


A quick and easy 5-minute
installation of a single line of code

As simple as installing Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 玲珑加速器换节点

    Absolutely! accessiBe turns inaccessible websites into WCAG and ADA compliant websites. But not only that, accessiBe provides you with a Litigation Support Package, in case you need to prove your compliance, and guides you through the process.

  • How is accessiBe different from accessibility plugins?

    accessiBe is the only AI-powered, automatic solution in the industry today that is proven to make websites fully compliant and beat legal cases. accessiBe fully certify and protects your business from litigation around the clock.

  • What website platforms does accessiBe support?

    accessiBe is platform agnostic and can be integrated into any CMS and website building platform. To mention a few: WordPress, Joomla, Squarespace Shopify, WiX, BigCommerce, Volusion, Magento, Concrete 5, Weebly, and more.

  • 订单确认支付-金华租号全新一站式租号系统:玲珑加速器 赛博加速器 斧牛加速器 返回首页 登录 注册 申请合租 下载上号器 金华租号全新一站式租号系统 ... QQ快捷登陆,账号预约租债等功能。新老客户速来体验啦!!!另诚招加盟:携手共赢,多种模式,财富等你来拿。咨询商务合作客服3112697653。

    Yes! accessiBe covers the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) version 2.1 at the AA level success criteria, and in certain areas even level AAA. This is a step beyond what legislation requires.

  • How much does accessiBe cost?

    accessiBe cost $49 a month for around-the-clock protection. This plan is for websites under 1,000 pages. For websites with over 1,000 pages, prices can get to $99 and $149 a month.

  • Does accessiBe affect loading speed?

    Absolutely not! accessiBe loads asynchronously with your website. Meaning, that the browser loads your website in parallel with accessiBe, and does not wait for it to load or process anything.

  • 玲珑加速器换节点

    Yes. accessiBe complies with all major data protection regulations, including GDPR and CCPA. Moreover, accessiBe does not collect any personal or identifiable data, only structure, and behavior.

  • 玲珑加速器换节点

    Installing accessiBe is as simple as adding a single line of JavaScript code to your website. You can also add it through Google Tag Manager, or use one of our CMS extensions like WordPress, Joomla, BigCommerce, Drupal, etc.

  • Can I customize accessiBe's design?

    Yes! accessiBe is fully customizable and can easily match your website's design. You can choose your preferred color pallets, positions, icons, sizing, and even the placement of the accessibility button.

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